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Custom Cabinets and Furniture

All our furniture is custom designed and built in our Homewood, Kansas shop. We specialize in our collaboration with the client to produce the exact piece they are seeking. Native and imported hardwoods are used and hand crafted to create an heirloom piece of furniture. Professional joinery and the latest state of the art in adhesives commensurate with the function of the piece are used. Our finishing room contains the professional spray equipment needed to produce fine finishes that will last for years of enjoyment for our clients

While there is a difference between furniture and cabinets, our cabinets could best be described as furniture grade cabinetry. A custom shop is not competitive with a production cabinet shop and does not attempt to be so. If production cabinetry is acceptable for a given application then a client is best served by purchasing those cabinets. Sizes are set in incremental widths and standard heights. However, when the requirements involve special depths, heights, built-in lighting systems, etc. the custom shop comes into its own. We specifically design and build each cabinet to a customers’ need size wise and to a specific interior detail as well as the exterior design, finish, etc. We work in solid hardwoods and hardwood veneers. We use a vacuum press for matched veneer doors and curved veneer applications. We provide Cad-Cam drawings to our clients of all proposals and can, on request, provide three dimensional concept drawings. We work in commercial and residential areas. However, the vast majority of our work is residential. We utilized modern state of the art finishing systems and usually do our own finishing unless a special request is for unfinished cabinets. We are mainly utilized for kitchens, bathrooms and custom closets. However, we do enjoy a brisk business in mantles for living rooms and den areas. To finish off our kitchen cabinets, we also build custom tops for our clients in HVLP (Formica, Wilson Art, etc.) as well as ceramic tiled counters. We normally out source marble and solid surfaced counter tops. In our market area kitchens and baths will normally increase the home value by at least 90 percent of the cost. A valuable investment in your home.

Outdoor kitchen screening project with 8 foot screen doors

Red Birch Kitchen cabinets

Alder vanity to match teak mirror frame of clients